I regret to announce – this is The End

14 May

I’m going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell.

<<< Doh! Insert picture of Bilbo Baggins here >>>

Well, not quite.

But I have decided to close the door to new posts to the Faith and Steel Depot and just post at my main blog Faith and Steel

I had thought to keep the 40K universe separate from my other gaming projects, but really, sometimes I was just confused as to where to post, so I’m going to combine the two into one, which on the whole just seems simpler.

One reason I had kept the two pages was that work blocked faith and steel but not the depot, so I could post to here on a slow day but now both pages are blocked. Apparently gaming is not compatible with banking. I don’t get it either.

For now at least, I’m going to keep this page here, so the history (such as it is) isn’t lost.

See you on the other side,




African Gunmen

25 Apr

I’ve been working on some more of Kosta’s lovely moderns from Eureka Miniatures

These are basically the same figures as earlier, but now wearing scarves as masks. Wonderful, evocative stuff.




Hello Sailor

18 Apr

I have found that it is hard to have too many daemonettes. And, with TAFKAIG getting a new codex it will definitely be worth taking them in numbers. So I’ve added another squad and along the way took a chance to practice painting flesh tones. I’ve never been all that satisfied with how I’ve painted skin and by practicing on daemonettes I figured that if they looked a little odd, well hey, they’re daemons- they are supposed to look a little dodgy.





While these girls won’t be winning any beauty contests, they are OK at arms length (and rending is rending even if you are barbie pink!)  so I’m declaring these daemons ready to rumble.


(TAFKAIG = the artist formerly known as imperial guard)

STUG III Finished (Mostly)

10 Mar

My 28mm Germans are pleased, their Stug III is finally cleared for operations:



A rough job, in keeping with rest of the Germans, complete with somewhat confused camouflage scheme.

While I had the right colours out, I also did a couple of resin FoW objectives that have been lying around for a couple of years:

I’m beginning to like tanks in 15mm and soldiers in 28mm. Do you think anyone would notice if I fielded both in the same force?


Dude, where’s the Bushmaster?

28 Feb

Eureka Miniatures have been producing lovely toys for ever.

This A113 is a reasonably old resin kit, and I think it holds up pretty well. Nominally for the 70s, the ADF are in the process of updating their A113 fleet to last until 2050, so I figure here is a battle wagon ready to go:


I played with a bit of weathering, which I think came out OK, although the colour is probably wrong as I just went with the shade of green that happened to be in my collection.
Now the guys have something to drive about in and those rocket launchers have something worthwhile to shoot at. A win-win in weird sort of way:



11 Feb

I got a STUG III from a crowd called Black Tree Designs.

I love getting parcels, even when you’re the one who ordered it. Especially when you’re the one who ordered it. Then you had the fun of shopping, plus the anticipation.

Well the goodies arrived: stugIII_3

No instructions.  Hmm:


Three goes later, quite a bit of filing and clipping (and some of those reference books finally came in handy) and I had something that looked like a tank:


Yes, I know. There are parts left over. I don’t know where they go either

It needed a bit of greenstuff too, but with some base coat on I’m much happier:

stugIII_4Would I use BTD again? The mail order was fast and accurate. The lack of instructions could be overcome (and someone with more modelling skill would be faster). And the model looks like it will do the job. A big plus is the weight.  An armoured company could do your back some damage, but one or two models bring a lovely solidity to the table: “Piss off Yank – I’m not leaving this hedgerow”.

So, on balance, yes. BTD have a nice little range of tanks.

Just need to get it painted now.



9th Div Australians

6 Jan

While I put together the late German army for Flames of War, my main goal has been to built an army inspired by the 9th Division Australians who fought in Tobruk in 1940-1.  I started it so long ago the early war book was not published yet, so I have used the divisional cavalry list from the mid-war north Africa lists.

The light tanks – Honeys and Crusaders – aren’t great. Cool looking but the 2 pd guns are almost pointless, so they are little more than expensive MG platforms. However,  I will back them up with 25 pdr guns, currently under coated and waiting for paint, to provide some grunt for the tanks to push forward and grab objectives. The infantry hide in holes and hope for the best – rather realistic, actually.

In the meantime, I have provided some A/T and some infantry tanks, while the guns are in the workshop:




I think these are Valentines, which weren’t deployed with the Aussies (I think the Kiwis had some). The list suggests Matildas, but he Valentines were on sale, which is a merit of all its own.  It is 15mm, I figure who can really tell anyway?

Not entirely sure why the photos are so small – using new image software, so still ironing out some of the bugs.

Tally Ho!